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  • We ensure you receive only the best price with our Price Protection Promise.
  • Have a PAWsitive impact on our community. $100 Donation to PAWS Chicago
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  • 0% APR available
  • $0 Down Payment available
  • 3 years no charge scheduled maintenance with any purchase of a new Honda
  • Complimentary Pick-up & Delivery
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  • 3 day/ 100-mile Return Policy
  • Over 300 vehicles to choose from


2.1 Bring us a Competitive Offer 
2.2 Competing dealers must be within 50 miles of our location and be a franchisee of the same line-make.
2.3 The advertisement must include the vehicle’s cash price, year, make, model, trim level and equipment and must be for the same MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price).
2.4 The Buyers Order must include the vehicle’s cash price, year, make, model, trim level and equipment and mileage.
2.5 The Program applies to Honda of Downtown Chicago's in-stock new vehicles only.
2.6 The Program applies to retail sales only and applies to one vehicle/offer per customer.
2.7 The Competitive Offer must be for a new vehicle that does not have more than 30 miles on its odometer.
2.8 If the Competitive Offer assumes the availability of rebates, you must qualify for those rebates and those rebates must be assignable to us.
2.9 The Competitive Offer must be valid and cannot be expired as of the date you present it to us.
2.10 The Competitive Offer must include all fees actually charged by the competing dealer (e.g., include all Predelivery service fees) whether or not indicated on the advertisement.
2.11 Competitive Offer cannot include non-factory installed equipment.
3.1 Offers for lease and fleet deals will not be accepted and are excluded from the Program.
3.2 Demonstrators, loaners, rentals, fleet, damaged vehicles (ex. hail, wind, hurricane, etc.), competitive ads listing unique pricing (e.g., "one at this price"), or advertised prices limited to specific stock number do not qualify as a Competitive Offer.
3.3 Erroneous price listings, listings from dealers of a different brand, distressed sales, pre-owned vehicles, repurchased vehicles, aftermarket prices, or errors in price on a competitor’s website do not qualify as a Competitive Offer.
3.4 The Competitive Offer presented to Honda of Downtown Chicago cannot include any manufacturer or dealer rebates, trade allowances, incentives and other fees, whether presented individually or combined.
3.5 Offers presented on a Buyers Order that has been signed by both you and the competing dealer will not be accepted as we will not interfere with a fully binding contract.
3.6 Bundled offers will not be accepted. By way of example, the Program will exclude instances where a customer received special pricing because the customer selected dealer-promoted finance institution or vehicle protection products (ex. service contracts).
3.7 Offers by competing dealers after the purchase of a vehicle from Honda of Downtown Chicago do not apply.
4.1 The Competitive Offer is subject to verification by Honda of Downtown Chicago.
4.2 Honda of Downtown Chicago
 reserves the right to vary the terms of the Price Program from time to time.

Offers cannot be combined.