Why Should You Recycle Motor Oil?

Re-refining oil and how it benefits all of us

As consumers, we’ve heard a lot about oil, renewable energy and properly disposing of and recycling our used oil. But what does it mean to you and how does it work?

The benefits of re-refined oil

Re-refining used oil aids our planet in several ways. It uses existing rather than organic resources, and also uses less energy than refining virgin oil.

Oil isn’t the only limited resource we save by recycling. It only takes ¼ gallon of oil to contaminate 250,000 gallons of water. When we recycle used motor oil, it re-uses an existing resource and keeps oil from polluting and contaminating our water supply.

What happens to your recycled oil?

Motor oil becomes contaminated over time by dirt, water and metal particles. That means it’s less effective in protecting the mechanics of a vehicle. When we get our oil changed, we take out dirty oil and replace it with new, clean oil.

The oil from your car goes through a purification process to remove dirt and debris.The first stage is called dewatering; dirty oil is placed into settling tanks where it sits until the water separates from the oil and can be removed.

Next, used oil goes through a re-refining process to become either motor oil, industrial burner oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil or fuel. Depending on how your oil will be used, it undergoes various recycling stages. These include:

  • Filtering: Removing solid debris from the oil
  • Demineralization: Removing additives from the oil
  • De-asphalting: Removing asphalt from the oil
  • Distillation: Fractioning the oil by boiling for further processing
  • Solvent Extraction: Removing compounds by dissolving them
  • Hydrofinishing: Improving the stability of sulfur and oxygen

Oil can be re-refined over and over again for any purpose. This process of re-refining holds up to the same standards as the process for refining crude oil.

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You don’t have to pay more to help the planet

When choosing what kind of oil you’ll put back into your car, consider this: re-refined oil is the same quality as newly refined crude oil. There is little to no difference in quality and in price.

When you choose recycled oil over newly refined crude oil, you’re making a decision to help our environment without compromising value.

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